John Bauer , Kandahar City

John, Kandahar City Outpost, Afghanistan

John Bauer is skilled at cooking up fiction or scorching non-fiction pieces, depending on the prompt. As a bureaucrat, he penned many a document for public consumption and more than a few were edible. In 2014, he embarked on this writing venture.  He’s had pieces published by Scribes Valley, Stone Canoe, and  House of Erotica.  He’s drafted two NaNoWriMo “novels”  which require strong editing, and a dozen short stories which cry for readers’ tears of joy and sorrow. He self-published and mistitled boats,knots,other things in 2007–a local government management text/abbreviated memoir.  Stubborn,  he didn’t quit scribing after its non-success.

Before life’s literary phase, John had five  tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a senior governance advisor for the US Department of State.  For twenty nine years prior,   he served as a county manager, department head, and public servant mostly in North Carolina. Born in Brooklyn, raised on Long Island, schooled at Notre Dame and Syracuse, with significant detours to Mexico City, Mexico and Little Rock, Arkansas, he’s most obviously a senior citizen;  ergo website’s title.

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