All the Bay’s Clams and All the Bay’s Men, released 22 AUG 2020, Lyestrah Press, L.D.B. Press,

A Heart on the River, released 13 MAR 2020, Lyestrah Press, L.D.B. Press


boats, knots, other things, released 12 DEC 2007, Authorhouse, 

boats,knots,other things resized


They Drove on Streets Paved with Kindness, first three pages, Wildsound Novel Writing Festival July 23, 2017

The Saligia, AnotheRealm,The Magazine of Speculative Fiction, August, 2016

Stone Canoe Issue No.9, 2015 -Tropical Storm Stalin Heads Towards Coast,

 Stone Canoe Journal, Issue No. 9, 2015.


Escape Your World Anthology, Scribes Valley Publishing

-A Son’s Love, Escape Your World Anthology,

 Scribes Valley Publishing Company,

ISBN 978-0-9851-8333-2, 2015.

Aphrodite’s Exile, Between the Sheets-Lesbian Love, Andrews UK Limited, 2015.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Redux, Once Upon a Time Anthology, Andrews UK Limited, 2015.
The Inventor Wore High Heels, I.Lover Sci-Fi Anthology, Andrews UK Limited, 2015.


Published in 2019: The Gray Tree by Donald Kemp; contributing author John Bauer

The Gray Tree Resized

Donald Kemp claims he was born and raised in Southern Michigan and lived in North Carolina for over thirty-five years. He graduated from a combination of high school and aircraft mechanics school. Two years later, he became the supervisor for the Michigan National Guard Air Section Maintenance Shop. He then married his beautiful wife, Gerry, and has three children, eight grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

Serious writing began with thirteen weekly articles in the Rochester City newspaper about his heart bypass surgery in the very early days of the procedure. Donald later published the book, I Live With A Mended Heart, and distributed it to doctors and hospitals all over the United States.

Donald wrote and directed three stage plays for a senior acting group in Southern California.” He has also written numerous short stories about his relative’s blips and/or accomplishments for the family archives. Several children’s books will hopefully soon be on the market. Nowadays, airplanes, helicopters, furniture building, and consulting for interior decorators have given way to writing novels and short stories based on his varied life adventures.


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