You’ve made it this far and there’s more to come. Simple sumptuous  samples follow from faraway to  yearning you. You’ve journeyed here for a reason or stumbled in by chance. It matters. Your time matters. From now to then and back again costs the heart finite beats it pumps.
I’m not going to clean up this place every day, nor all at once, with any plan in mind. I’m dirty that way. But if I came into your house, I’d expect the same disrespect and hope you’re eccentric too.
Don’t whine!
Be resolved.
Be silent if what I scribe is not complex enough for yelping you.
Bark if any words, (incomplete sentences will do) meet your reading tastes just write.
Of course praise welcome.
I hope we’re not being watched.
We’ve got a greater probability of getting struck by lightning.
Seven hundred and fifty million websites on the internet.
If you found this place by chance, tell me.
Then purchase a lottery ticket.


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