Sumptuous Samples

For a reason, you’ve journeyed here or stumbled in by chance. Time matters. Your life  matters. The heart pumps finite beats.  Each passing second is expensive. The following pages do not have a dollar cost.                                Warning! You might be interested in what I write and actually buy something!
I’m not going to clean up this place every day, nor all at once, with any plan in mind. I’m stupid that way. If I visit your site, I’d hope you’re eccentric too. Quirky, yeah.
Yelp  if what I scribe is not complex enough for genius you.
Pant if any words make you thirst for reading more.
Howl at the full moon at any time, werewolf or not.
Don’t worry. You’re not being watched. Not here. Not right now.
You’ve got a much  greater probability of getting struck by lightning.
Over a billion websites on the internet.
Now if you found this place by chance, please tell me.





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