So little time left. Could be over tomorrow. For one of us. The human condition—a beginning and an end. . .here.

Ours is the morning. Thanks for the sunlight.

I remember that day.


During life’s seasons, I didn’t  have a desire to write. Without  passion,  no written words were produced. Didn’t see much money it. (Still don’t). Had to support a family. (Now just grandbaby sitter). Didn’t have much new  to say. (Might argue, still don’t).Playing cornerback on the New York Jets,  pushing all-in on a high stakes poker pot, or being elected Mayor of New York City, were all on a once  young man’s bucket list.  (None crossed off). Life’s winter has arrived.  In cyberspace,  I chew slices of pepperoni pizza, swallow and spit out  words. My past experiences (or someone else’s), dreams, and other thoughts you will   read in a  story, book,  essay or poem created by me.When we run out of fuel and  the electrical  power ceases forever, all websites (including this one) will have a beginning and a  final  end.

Released 13 MAR 2020.

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crater selfie

Dead volcanoes don’t scare me.

John Bauer, Writer

15 thoughts on “Home

    • thanks my dearest, u are not only a good person but u r a good writer as well
      thank for releasing such kind of info in the website
      i will be in touch
      we really enjoyed the web page
      Dr. Bismillah Wahabzai ministry of education in zhari dist, kdr, afghanistan


  1. hard said!..the bitter fact of missing you annoys me all the time!
    wish you all the best,and; if you still remember me and my good old times….
    you may do the same ….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Awad, I will always remember your heroic work, kindness, and generosity.
      I hope you and your family are well. Take care. Be safe. Peace to all in the Middle East.


  2. Dear Dad of Dads,
    Cheers to your stories, poems and novels. So I guess what I’m saying is- “Good job, Pop!”


    Your daughter, mother to Vivian.


    • Thanks Youngest Daughter of Daughters.
      You and Stas have created a beautiful child–Vivian Grace.
      I’m teaching her how to change her own diapers right now.
      She will be very independent, kind, and smart like her parents.
      Her story is yet to be told. “Good Job, Rachel.”


  3. To all of Above: Wait unto you read “The Gray Tree” encased in “Senior Touring Society” with a release date any day now. John is a contributing author via winning a writing contest..


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